• Cobroids Cobroids are mysterious intelligent mutated cobras. They have been seen driving large unicycles with tires you would normally see on a monster truck. Plasma weapons are mounted on the unicycles. They operate technology with their tails. They also spit venom from their mouth.
  • Deathbot Deathbots are ancient technology from before the Time of Reckoning. They come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Dust Raptors Reptilian dog-things, but much larger than great danes, roam the wasteland in small packs.
  • Giant Mutated Trapdoor Spider Enormous mutated trapdoor spiders live in the wasteland. Look out!
  • Hoops Apparently (as told by Roy G. Biv) intelligent mutated rabbits that have overrun Citytown
  • Morglodytes Nocturnal cannibalistic mutants. They live in the Steamtown museum under the Ruins of Scrant. Very talented mechanics, they come out at night and search the wasteland and the ruins in vehicles of all kinds, looking for creatures to enslave and eat.
  • Sand Sharks Mutated terrestrial great white sharks that use vibration to 'swim' through the sand and earth of the wasteland. Their favourite prey are sealopedes
  • Sealopedes Mutated seals. Terrestrial with an elongated body and dozens of flippers that allow them to crawl quickly along the wasteland like a giant barking centipede. Favoured prey of sand sharks
  • Wasps Wasps the size of fat chihuhuas can be found in the wasteland. They are very territorial and their stings are extremely painful.
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