• Karyn According to a friendly wastelander, Karyn is the one morglodytes that has eschewed her cannibalistic ways and was friendly to humans. She used to play music out of the radio station in the Ruins of Scrant on radio frequency 109.9fm. She is a morglodyte outcast, whereabouts unknown.
  • Mutilator Legendary hero of the wasteland. Apparently has a cybernetic arm and hockey hair.
  • Octavia Right hand woman of Sister Killbeard.
  • Sister Killbeard Sister Killbeard founded your colony on a legacy of theft and betrayal. A dozen years ago she stole a relic of the Ancients from the Nunnery-Dome in Citytown and travelled south with her band of outcasts to the Gamma Zone. In her hubris she dreamed she would find the legendary Mutilator and live like a post-apocalyptic queen. After a year of fruitless searching she settled down with her group over a natural gas well. Now the settlement is gone, Sister Killbeard is dead, and you are charged with returning the artifact to the betrayed forebearers in Citytown - if they, and it, still exist.
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