• Boonton Male cyborg, played by Caleb.
  • Calamity Chang Cyborg with cybernetic hand and laser eye, played by cr0m.
  • Crawdaddy Jones Giant mutated terrestrial crawfish with one hand and one claw, and deformed legs on the right side of his body. Played by Jason L
  • Delores //
    Human cyborg, played by Mike J
  • Forsythe Willowby //Human (deceased) played by Caleb
  • Gretchen //Mutated Fossa with a hand on the end of its tail. Played by Trevor
  • Kang //Mutated kangaroo played by Kolja
  • Pangolin A mutated pangolin, played by Deanna. Giant claws and tough natural scales provide excellent armour.
  • Scout Hoop (mutated man-sized rabbit) played by Jacky
  • Skagg Mutated boar (deceased) played by Jason L
  • Skitters Large intelligent mutated tick, played by Adrian
  • Sterling Cyborg human, played by…?
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