01-10: +10
11-30: +20
31-60: +30
61-80: +40
81-94: +50
95-00: +60


01-20: 20′
21-30: 30′
31-40: 40′
41-50: 50′
51-60: 60′
61-70: 70′
71-80: 80′
81-95: 100′
96-00: sight


Divide percentage by 2 and round DOWN to the nearest 10. If less than 10 round up.

01-39: 10
60-79: 30
80-99: 40
100: 50


It’s easy: 1 Attribute Point is worth 5 Skill points. Reducing your Brawn by 10 gives you 50 skill points, for example.

Adjusting your Move Rate is slightly different. Each point of MR is worth 2 skill points.



0-7 superficial scarring
08-11 junk mutilated
12-14 junk explodes
15-22 massive blood loss (disemboweled)
23-30 muscle mutilation
31 make something up
32-36 clavicle fracture
37-41 sternum fracture
42-46 ribs fracture
47 make something up
48-52 clavicle broken
53-57 sternum broken
58-62 ribs broken
63-67 clavicle shattered
68-72 sternum shattered
73-77 ribs shattered
78-81 lungs damaged
82-85 spine severed partial paralysis
86-89 spine shattered total paralysis
90-94 stomach explodes
95-97 heart punctured
98-00 chest explodes

0-7 superficial scarring
08-11 digits mutilated
12-14 digits explodes
15-22 massive blood loss
23-30 muscle mutilation
31 make something up
32-36 hand fracture
37-41 radius/ulna fracture
42-46 humerus fracture
47 make something up
48-52 hand broken
53-57 radius/ulna broken
58-62 humerus broken
63-67 hand shattered
68-72 radius/ulna shattered
73-77 humerus shattered
78-81 hand severed
82-85 hand explodes
86-89 arm severed below elbow
90-94 arms lost below should
95-97 arm explodes


0-7 superficial scarring
08-11 toes mutilated
12-14 toes explode
15-22 massive blood loss
23-30 muscle mutilation
31 make something up
32-36 foot fracture
37-41 shin fracture
42-46 femur fracture
47 patella broken
48-52 foot broken
53-57 shin broken
58-62 femur broken
63-67 foot shattered
68-72 shin shattered
73-77 femur shattered
78-81 foot severed
82-85 foot explodes
86-89 leg severed below knee
90-94 leg lost below hip
95-97 leg explodes

0-7 superficial scarring
08-11 ear(s) mutilated
12-14 ear(s) explode
15-22 massive blood loss (throat)
23-30 muscle mutilation
31 nose mutilated
32-36 jaw fracture
37-41 neck fracture
42-46 skull fracture
47 make something up
48-52 jaw broken
53-57 neck broken
58-62 skull broken
63-67 jaw shattered
68-72 neck shattered
73-77 skull shattered
78-81 voice damaged
82-85 eye(s) explode
86-89 teeth shattered
90-94 brain damage
95-97 head severed
98-00 head explodes

MUTATION TABLE (roll d100)

For each mutation roll 1d100 to get an “Efficacy Level” (EL) score for that asset or defect. Any score of less than 10 can be increased to 10 (in the case of asset) or ignored (in the case of defect). Consult The Deadly Effectiveness Table to convert the EL score into a meaningful bonus or penalty to the appropriate skill(s), remembering that skill scores cannot be increased above 75 unless the GM gives the okay.

If you roll a mutation twice, simply roll a second EL for the mutation and add them together. Exceptions are noted.

01-cracking joints (D) penalty to Sneak
02-rubber bones
03 thin skin/bleeder(D) – add 1d10 to all damage. Penalty applied to First Aid.
04 extreme hair/fur OR no hair – penalty to Endure in hot climate. Fumble +1-10.
05 blindness (partial/full) (no eyes, degenerate eyesight)(D) – Penalty to See skill.
06 hyper-growth (D) (choose nails or teeth. If you roll this twice, you may choose the alternate on the second roll)
07 heightened metabolism (always hungry)(D)
08 weak (penalty to Brawn-based skills)
09 malformed Mouth (speech impediment) (D) penalty to Persuade skills
10 obese (D) penalty to Move Rate, Dodge Bonus, Climb, Jump, sometimes Endure)
11 tumors (D) (roll on hit location each time you roll this mutation) Penalty to Persuade Skills
12-13 choose
14 shakes/spasms/seizures(D)
15 albino/light sensitive(D) – Penalty to See in bright light (daylight, etc).
16 parasitic twin(D)
17 poor respiratory (D) Make Endure check each check after the first 1 round of combat or strenuous activity. (Endure skill cannot exceed 75)
18 massive growth (elephantitis) – roll hit location and EL each time you roll this mutation; penalty to Persuade and 1-6 skills.
19 chronic pain (D) Penalty to all Bravado Skills and Brawn skills. Can be reduced with drugs (&/or First Aid check)
20 poikilothermic. Penalty to skills when temperature is less than 30 Celsius.
21-22 slow (D) Penalty to Move Rate, Jump
23-24 (D)reduced Brains (D) Penalty to all Brains skills
25-26 sensitive to radiation (D) (+% damage, chance for mutation)
27-28 (D) missing limb(s). Roll hit location (reroll torso, head) each time you roll this mutation.
29 deformed/useless extremity (D) – roll hit location and EL each time you roll this mutation.
30-31 Cosmetic deformity (ugly) (D) – penalty to Persuade skills except Intimidate.
32-33 choose
34 porous skin (keep wet) (D) – Make Endure check when dry or suffer penalties to physical skills.
35 stench (D) Penalty to sneak, Persuade skills
36 reduced endurance (D) Penalty to Endure
37 choose
38-39 larger/taller/wider/Monsterism – see Size Difference chart p68 and Creature Dodge Bonus chart p133
40-41 smaller/thinner/shorter – see Size Difference chart p68 and Creature Dodge Bonus chart p133
42 swimmer/webbing/flipper(s) – bonus to Swim skill
43-44 resist radiation – bonus to Endure vs Radiation
45 telekinesis – see Range table, bonus to Strength Bonus as per Deadly Effectiveness Table.
46 adrenaline Boost
47 Scent/tracking
48 padded feet
49 gills
50 tentacles
51 tremorsense
52 photosynthesis
53 dual brain (like redundant brain but better)
54 empath
55 leech damage
56-59 extra limb. Roll hit location each time you roll this mutation. Rolling torso, abdomen or head means you have a tail.
60 quills
61 wings/gliding membranes
62 psychic attack
63 drain heat
64 strong (Bonus to Brawn skills)
65 sonic scream
66 increased Balance (bonus to Climb, Fisticuffs, Sneak, Throw, Jump,
67 spring legs/”frog” legs. Bonus to Jump skill
68 Ink Sac
69-70 carapace/scales/exoskeleton
71 acid/poison bite/sting
72 poison sweat
73 enormous or extra eyes (choose one or the other, if you roll this mutation twice you have extra eyes that are enormous) – bonus to See skill.
74 echolocation
75 enhanced taste
76 Hearing, Improved (Big ears); Sensitivity to sound – bonus to See Skill (but you take extra damage from sonic attacks)
77 x-ray vision
78 Hearing, Impaired (no ears, subcutaneous ears)
79 Low light vision OR thermal vision (choose one, if you roll this mutation twice you can choose both or just enhance your first choice)
80 chameleon skin
81 claws OR pincer. You can choose one or multiple limbs. Increases Damage Bonus for hand to claw combat, but also reduces skill in any work that requires fine manipulation. On EL 75 or higher, the claws are retractible and there’s no penalty to fine manipulation.
82 horns OR antlers (choose one, if you roll this mutation twice you can choose both – i.e. a rhino-like horn plus moose-like antlers – or enhance your first choice)
83 increased healing
84 immune to poison
85 immune to natural fear
86 telepathy
87 electric field generation (like eel)
88 psychic healing
89 silk production (No range unless rolled a second time)
90 molting/shed skin
91 glows/bioluminescent
92 other new body parts (trunk, antennae…) If you roll this mutation multiple times you can choose additional body parts or enhance the first choice.
93 redundant vital organ(s) (1 heart;2 stomach;3 lung; 4 trachea; 5 brain; 6 uterus/gonads – roll on this chart every time you roll this mutation)
94 independent eyes (chameleon) Reduce penalty to attacking multiple targets; + half% to See score.
95 weird skin (roll 1d10: 1-2 transparent skin; 2-5 unusual colour; 6-10 unusual texture – roll on this table each time you roll this mutation)
96 psionic immunity
97 mental control/hypnosis/trance
98 detect life/detect psionics
99 harmonious pheremones
00 Choose!

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